Coronavirus update: Message from PBC Committee

The committee has now received guidance from the British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA) and is working through the detail of the government guidelines on the opening of sports facilities. That advice has been growing, developing and becoming more complex each day.

The end result is that each club committee has to satisfy itself that it can provide a safe system of play that complies with all the requirements/advice prescribed by the government and the BCGBA. We recognise that the all these regulations are intended to protect the health and wellbeing of our members during a time of significant threat from contracting Coronavirus.

The committee is engaged in a significant amount of work to produce a plan, with a risk assessment, that can be used to determine whether or not we can safely open the green. This includes physical safeguards at the green, new systems and processes to manage use of the green and a detailed communication plan to inform all members of the conditions under which they will be able to play bowls safely.

Please be patient with us as we work through this project and be assured we have your best interests at heart.

Further updates will be posted as work progresses.



    Having read all the latest news on the web site with a possible start of bowling and all the hard work carried out by Mike, Gary and the rest of the Committee, I’d like to thank you all.

  2. DEREK ROWLEY says:

    Hi Mike hope you are keeping well and all of your members, I have been keeping up to date via your web site as you deal with the on going pandemic . We at Widnes Wine Circle as all other clubs are going through this most difficult time but are health and the well being of every body is paramount , we will still like to have our bowling days at your club as and when you return and will abide with all the heath and safety distances that your club puts in place . I know your members have a lot of catching up to do after the long lay off so what ever days are available when your club opens again I hope you will consider us , stay safe Best Regards Derek Rowley Chairman Widnes Wine Circle

    • Mike Nencini says:

      Hi Derek nice to hear from you again. Yes, difficult times indeed and we still have some work to do to meet all the regulations that have rightly been imposed to keep us safe. The regulations are quite restrictive for the foreseeable future: we are only allowed to have members at the green and have to control the number of them playing to eight (4 blocks with 2 people max) with a limit one 1 hours play; all our buildings, including toilets have to be closed and locked. Even with members only no spectators are allowed and we cannot organise competitions or social gatherings. It’s all really quite restrictive and I’m afraid to say it looks unlikely that we will be able offer you a booking this season, even if the days were available. Of course, if there is a significant easing of the regulations and dates become available I will let you know. Thank you for your enquiry, we are always pleased to see you at Penketh Bowling Club. Hopefully, better times will be with us soon. My regards to you and all at the Widnes Wine Circle, I wish you all well. Regards Mike Nencini

    • Mike Nencini says:

      Hello Edith,

      thank you for sending your email address. I have added it to my circulation list so you should now be kept up to date.

      I have included below the last email that was sent and it is regarding the opening of a short club competition program to see if there is any interest from members.



      Having had some enquiries from members about the possibility of running the club competitions this season I put a proposal to the committee. It was agreed that I could offer to run singles competitions provided they could be played within the current system of managing the green, the numbers attending the green were within Covid 19 limits and there were sufficient entries to make it worthwhile.

      I am therefore offering to run the following competitions:
      • Ladies: Rose Bowl and the Hannah Carter
      • Men: Challenge Bowl, Jack Nichols and Harold Rigby.

      Competitions will be run as singles knockouts played throughout the remainder of the season. Each match will be played to 21up, or the score as it stands at the end of the one hour session of play. The winner will proceed to the next round

      There will be small entry fee of £2 per competition to create modest prize money for the winner and runner-up and to cover the costs of trophy engraving and honours boards.

      If you wish to enter please reply to this email by Saturday 8th August stating which competitions you would like to enter. Please include the telephone number on which you can be contacted to make fixture arrangements.

      If there are sufficient entries (16 or more) I will make a draw and email that to each competitor. Details will also appear on the website under Club Competition Program 2020.

      Competitors will be responsible for booking a session at the green to play their match within the timescale shown on the draw. If a match is not completed by the deadline and one of the players has not conceded, the match will be voided.

      Members will be allowed to invite a scorer to mark their match.

      Arrangements for collecting entry fees and submitting match results will be communicated with the draw.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Mike Nencini
      Fixtures Secretary


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