Green opening Monday 8th June

Statement from the Chairman, Les Mason [Copy of email sent to members on 1st June, 2020]

Great news! I am very pleased to be able to tell you that your bowling green will open for play from Monday June 8th, 11am to 8pm daily

Since the government relaxed the guidelines on exercise and the British Crown Green Bowling Association provided specific details for bowling we have been working through a plan for the opening. Having completed that work the committee is now satisfied that it is able to provide a safe system for play which is in accordance with the advice received.

Attached to this email are the Rules for Play. Playing by the rules is crucial to ensuring the health and wellbeing of all members. Please read them carefully and put a copy in your bowls bag for reference.

Committee members will make random visits to the green to fulfil our responsibility for monitoring and assessing how the rules are working in practice. However, we do not have the resources necessary to provide full time supervision at the green. We are therefore trusting in the behaviour of individual members to make the system work for everybody and allow members to enjoy their bowling safely.

I understand that some members may be wary of venturing out to play at this time and want more assurance that it is safe to do so. I believe that everything has been done by the club to meet the current guidelines, however, members must recognise that it is not possible to guarantee a completely risk free environment when they are deciding whether or not to play bowls.

I appeal to all members to act responsibly, respect the rules of play and avoid the spread of this virus. The government has indicated that there will be increased penalties for breaches of its Coronavirus (Covid 19) guidelines.  In the event of non-compliance it would be necessary for the committee to take action to protect the reputation of the club.

Most importantly it will necessary for you to have made a booking via our website before attending the green.  The booking system will require confirmation that you have read and will comply with the Rules of Play before the booking will be accepted.

I hope you will enjoy the opportunity to play bowls once again and look forward to seeing you at the green sometime – with the correct social distancing of course!

Finally, I would like to thank all the members who generously gave donations to the upkeep of the club at a difficult time and when it was not even clear that we would be able to open at all this year. I appeal to members who have not yet made a contribution and would now like to play to consider making a donation.

Les Mason, Chairman Penketh Bowling Club


Print, read carefully and retain the Rules of Play document attached to the announcement email sent on June 1st.

 Familiarise yourself with the Greens Booking system on this website. The password is given in the Rules of Play

For additional details and to download a copy of the Rules of Play login to the  Members Section and click the link ‘Opening green under Covid19 restrictions’

Check the website regularly for news of any changes to the conditions of play

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