Sport England Grant

The club has been awarded £5,000 by Sport England to help us through the current Covid-19 pandemic

Our thanks go to Anita York, our Secretary and Mike Glass, Treasurer who did some outstanding work to put together a strong case to win this grant from National Lottery funding from Sport England’s Community Emergency Fund.

The grant will help us continue with the planned maintenance of the green, cover the costs of opening the green under Covid-19 restrictions and meet other operating costs at a time when we are experiencing short-term financial constraints. This grant, along with the generous donations received from members means a great deal to the club and places us in a much less risky financial status for next year.

 Tim Hollingsworth, Sport England’s Chief Executive, said:

“ As the body responsible for the growth of sport and physical activity participation, we want the vital grassroots organisations that make sport and physical activity happen in this country to not just come through this crisis but to be in a position to thrive again in the future. The £20m Community Emergency fund, made possible by National Lottery players is part of a multimillion pound package of support we are providing to ease the pressure on a huge number of the organisations who are central to the nations health and wellbeing.

We are proud to be able to provide vital funding to Penketh Bowling Club to help it through these extremely challenging times”

On behalf of all our members, thank you Sport England!



  1. Gary Webb says:

    I would like to add my thanks on behalf of all club members to those involved with the successful lottery grant award. Special thanks go to Anita and Mike for their efforts in putting forward such a strong application.
    All we need now is some good weather to help ease us slowly back bowling again.
    Stay safe and keep smiling.

  2. Linda Madley says:

    Well done Anita & Mike. I’d like to thank all those involved in keeping the green and the surrounding borders looking lovely. On daily walks looking over the wall, longing to enjoy a quiet hour with my woods it brought a smile to my face knowing as the lockdown eases the green will be ready to play on. Well done.x

  3. Tony Wightman says:

    Well done and thanks to all those involved in securing the grant. Also may I express my thanks to everybody who has been involved in getting the green ready for play and for developing arrangements to ensure we can enjoy our game whilst remaining compliant with the Covid-19 guidance. I had my first session on the green this week. It was great playing on a smooth running green inside well maintained and fantastic looking surroundings. A welcome tonic during the current circumstances.

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