Club Competitions 2020

Club Competitions opening up


The club committee has given approval to run singles competitions provided they are played within the current system of managing the green, the numbers attending the green were within Covid 19 limits and there are sufficient entries to make it worthwhile.

Therefore, the following competitions are now open for entries:

  • Ladies: Rose Bowl and the Hannah Carter
  • Men: Challenge Bowl, Jack Nichols and the Harold Rigby.

Competitions will be run as singles knockouts played throughout the remainder of the season. Each match will be played to 21up, or the score as it stands at the end of the one hour session of play. The winner will proceed to the next round

There will be small entry fee of £2 per competition to create modest prize money for the winner and runner-up and to cover the costs of trophy engraving and honours boards.

If there are sufficient entries (16 or more) I will make a draw and email that to each competitor. Details will also appear on the website under Club Competition Program 2020.

Competitors will be responsible for booking a session at the green to play their match within the timescale shown on the draw. If a match is not completed by the deadline and one of the players has not conceded, the match will be voided.

Members will be allowed to invite a scorer to mark their match.

Arrangements for collecting entry fees and submitting match results will be communicated with the draw.

An email has been sent to all members on our email distribution lists. If you didn’t receive an email and wish to enter the competitions please reply via the the website email by Saturday 8th August stating which competitions you would like to enter. Please include the telephone number on which you can be contacted to make fixture arrangements.

Look forward to your participation



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