Divot damage to green

Divot damage

In the last three months we have had an exceptional amount of rain on the green. Although the green has drained well it is saturated now and the top surface is much softer than would normally be the case at this time in the season. This makes the green much more susceptible to damage and we are noticing there are many more divots appearing which have to be repaired by the green team.


The cause of divots

When delivered correctly the bowl will be released smoothly and as parallel as possible to the ground causing no disturbance to the green surface.

When the bowl is delivered from height and in a downward direction into the surface of the green a divot is made. It also results in the bowl being slowed down significantly making it difficult to reach the jack.

Any bowler can occasionally make a divot in the green when the green is slow and they are pushing to reach on a long mark. However if a bowler is persistently making divots it could be because of their technique, delivering the bowl from height, or because their bowls are too large and/or heavy for their hand, resulting in the bowl leaving the hand too early in the delivery cycle.

We acknowledge that not all players are flexible enough to get down close to the ground to make a smooth and parallel to the ground delivery. However, we would ask that members, who are prone to making divots, to examine their technique and see what adjustments can be made to avoid pitching the bowl hard into the green at a steep angle. Please ask for advice if you are unsure.

Repairing divots

The grass will recover quickly if the divot is repaired correctly by the player immediately after it is made.

If however the divot is neglected the torn roots will not recover and a scar will be left on the green causing the playing surface to become bumpy which adversely affects playing quality for all members.

Please be observant and if you do create a divot make the effort to repair it immediately. 

A repair can be easily and quickly made by gently teasing back the disturbed turf with the aid of a divot repair tool like the one illustrated. A few of these tools are available in the clubhouse and you will find them on the shelf above the competition draw sheets.   

Please remember to return the divot repair tools after use.










  1. Bill Jenks says:

    Mike,are you going to inform players that we have now got 2 pitch repairers, that could be left on the table just inside the door should any divot damaged occur and left back there when they have finished their game, your comment about repairing with side of shoe fears me with nightmares, cheers.

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