Winter Opening and Winter League

There has been a great response to the winter opening with a total of 39 members signed up to play in the winter with 33 of those entering the winter league competition.

The winter opening and recent changes to Covid 19 have meant changes to the Rules of Play that were published in June this year. These documents are in final draft form at the moment and winter members should expect to receive an email with all the details by Sunday 18th October. This will include instructions on how the winter fees will be collected.

A new winter booking schedule will be introduced to coincide with the end of British Summer Time on Sunday October 25th. Members should not make any bookings beyond that date as they may be lost when the new schedule is loaded into the calendar.

Winter opening will bring a new challenge for the green keeping team. Every effort will be made to maintain a good quality playing surface, hopefully the weather will be kind to us? Following historic problems with grass growth in the corners significant renovation work has been completed over the last couple of weeks. Early signs are hopeful with new growth coming through, however the corners are likely to be out of play for most of the winter to allow the new grass to settle in and develop for the 2021 season. Winter treatments include the application of granular supplements/fertilisers which can be disruptive to play. A plan will be made to minimise the inconvenience to players which may include closing the green for a day on occasion. Advance warning will be given of planned applications and a notice will be placed on the green.

Covid 19 pandemic: Organised sports are currently exempt from the more severe restrictions and we are allowed to operate providing we rigorously follow the guidance provided by our governing body the British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA). The BCGBA gives national guidance and puts responsibility on the club to take account of local (Warrington BC) restrictions. You can be assured that the committee regularly monitor this guidance and ensure the club is compliant. Members will understand that the committee will have to quickly make changes to the winter plans in response to any changes to BCGBA guidance.

The best we can do is to stay positive and enjoy our bowling.



  1. Malcolm Partington says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please could you advise me as I would like to join your bowling club. I played approximately 8 yrs ago but have retired, this will give me all the time I want. I played for Crossfields, I so enjoyed the game, and miss these times.

    • Mike Nencini says:

      Hello Malcolm,

      Thank you for your interest in our club. We are always happy to welcome new members and I will forward your email address to our club secretary who will give you information about joining the club.
      Mike Nencini

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