Green Re-opening

The green will re-open this week on Thursday 3rd December.

The Rules of Play and other guidance on the winter league are still applicable and members are encouraged to read the documents carefully to ensure full compliance for the remainder of the winter season. Under winter conditions care for the green is a major consideration and all members are expected to play in a way that protects the playing surface so that everyone can enjoy their bowling.

The Winter League will resume. Despite the loss of a few weeks play it should still be possible to play most, if not all, of the league fixtures.

It would also be good if we could complete the Community Shield competition. The main competition is at the semi-final stage, so that should come to a conclusion soon. The secondary competition was only just starting but, if competitors are keen and willing to get matches organised quickly, it should be possible to complete this element of the competition as well. Some competitors may not have signed up for winter play but they are welcome to play their competition matches.

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