Competition Guidelines


These guidelines have been created by the Penketh Bowling Club Competition Advisory Panel to govern the effective and efficient running of club competitions.

In the 2019 season there are a total of nine club competitions on offer, four ladies’, four men’s and one mixed pairs.

We hope you will give them all your full support

Minimum Entries


A minimum number of 16 entries are required for a competition to run

Competition Draws


The draws for competitions will be made using a web based random draw generator and published on the club notice board and website

Entry Fees


The entry fee for each competition is £3. Fees must be paid when entering, at the latest three days before the competition draw takes place. The ‘Competition Calendar’ and entry forms for each competition will be posted on the clubhouse notice board. When the fee has been paid entries will be confirmed in the ‘Competition Register’ listing all entrants for each competition together with their contact details



Club competitions will normally be played to 21 up

In ‘round robin’ format rounds where there are time constraints matches may be played to 15up

Competitors should check the specific rules for each competition when they enter



Categories for singles competitions

Played to 21 up

Handicap = 0. Previous year’s winner
Handicap = 2. All league registered players*
Handicap = 4. Social only players

Round Robin (15 up)

Handicap = 0. Previous year’s winner
Handicap = 1. All league registered players*
Handicap = 2. Social only players

Categories for pair’s competitions

The handicap for a pair is calculated by adding the two individual handicaps together and dividing by 2

e.g. A *registered player paired with a social player:
Handicap = 2 + 4 divided by 2 = 3

*A league registered player is any player who was registered to play in any league team in the last 2 years, or has been registered to play this season

Competitions which include a ‘Round Robin’ format


A draw will be made to place players in groups and each player will play two or three matches depending on the number of entries. In one day competitions each group will be allocated approximate time slots in either the ‘am’ or ‘pm’ sessions in which to play their games. We will do our very best to accommodate each competitors availability to play as indicated by them on the entry form
The result will be decided by the total number of chalks for each player. In the event of a draw the chalks against will determine the ranking. If there is still a draw in a one day competition there will be a three end play off to decide the winner

Knockout Competitions


For pairs competitions players will enter as an individual and a draw will be made to form the pairs. A draw will then take place for the first round of the competition. The number of rounds to be played will depend on the number of entries.

Competitions where players are responsible for arranging their own matches within a set timescale
The published draw sheet will give a time period during which matches for a round must be completed. To ensure matches are completed on time competitors are asked to be as flexible and cooperative as possible to accommodate each other’s circumstances.

If a match cannot be completed by the deadline the players must agree which one of them will concede the match and who will proceed to the next round. In the case of pair’s matches, where a player from one side is not available within the deadline, the second player may elect to play the match on behalf of the pair (2 bowls only).

If no decision is forthcoming from either player(s) by the deadline the Fixtures Secretary, with advice from the Competition Advisory Panel, will rule on which competitor(s) will proceed to the next round.

Practice time


A short practice period of 20 minutes will be allowed. The period will start 30 minutes before the start time and the green must be cleared 10 minutes before the start time.

Players are requested to limit their individual practice time within this period to prevent overcrowding on the green and allow all competitors the opportunity to have at least 10 minutes practice.