Club Green

Mr. Nencini had sent Committee a new schedule regarding the green. Chairman stated that this was due to revisions to the costs of repairing the machinery required to maintain the green.

Mr Nencini stated that the green had been looked at by an experienced green contractor who informed him that the Club’s proposed work on the green was heading in the right direction.

The treatments recommended by Bowls Central had now been put in place at a total cost of £2,000 half now and half in March 2019.


A new spreader was on order from Bowls Central at a cost of 371.50.


Campey had quoted £660 for repair our SISIS AutoTurfman and advised us that it was not worth repairing.
We have been advised to look out for a SISIS AutoSlit on the used market. This machine would be more effective with the aeration of the green. However it was decided that there were higher priorities for funding at this time so this acquisition was put on hold. In the meantime attempts will be made in-house to carry out economic repairs to the AutoTurfman engine which, if we could keep it going, would provide a basic aeration capability in the short term.


Mr. Nencini informed the meeting that he had been looking at mowers and had been advised to go for a Dennis FT 510 (20”) Mower.

Richard Shepherd of Leicester had such a mower at a cost of £4,770 which had a 10 blade cutter and came with 2 cassettes.
Part exchange had been discussed but they wanted to see photographs of the Club’s present mower. Photographs to be sent by Mr. Nencini and he would try to ascertain what they would be prepared to pay.

The Chairman asked the Treasurer how much the club could afford, he replied £3,000, if we got £1,000 or more in part exchange.

The Chairman mentioned that Bowls England gave money to Bowling Greens and this would be worth looking into. However, they would not contribute to work that had already commenced.

Other Matters

Vice Chair stated that the club needed to get help with fund raising – she thought that J. Royle would be interested. She would approach him about this. A dedicated person on the committee with responsibility for fundraising would be able to focus on opportunities from sources like Bowls England.

Treasurer stated that members and revenue had been falling year on year and that the annual cost of maintenance was £4,000. With falling revenue this would be harder to achieve.

All present agreed to accept the changes with regard to the green and equipment.


This needs to be replaced – a new one would cost approximately £400+. Chairman would get in touch with a contact he knew in order to get some advice.

Any Other Business


Meeting ended at 11.50 am.

Chairman : Les Mason